A Garden Center and Landscaping Company Located in New Paltz and Gardiner area. We also service Wallkill, Stone Ridge, Highland, Plattekill, Rosendale & the rest of of the Hudson Valley NY

DIY Like a Pro

Building with Blue Stone

Blue Stone Patios

Techmer Landscaping Services specializes in quality Hudson Valley Blue Stone patios, and walkways. Blue stone is both timeless and durable, a perfect choice for your home and garden.  Blue stone is a superior building material when compared to concrete products.  We install our blue stone using a free floating system that expands and contracts with…

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Landscaping with Rusty Iron – Creating a focal point in your landscape.

Landscape Design

Landscaping with Rusty Iron Creating a focal point in your landscape. Add sophistication and elegance to any garden, front entry or patio space using properly placed garden accents. When using antique or well weathered accents you can transform a newly installed landscape into a more mature established landscape. Creating a focal point in your landscape…

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Planting Instructions

Landscape Contractor, Landscaping Company

7 things you should know when planting a tree.  1. Call Before You Dig – Several days before planting, call the national 811 hotline to have underground utilities located. 2. Handle with Care – Always lift tree by the root ball. Keep roots moist until planting.  * Note – For balled and burlap trees and…

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Watering Instructions

How to Water Plants

Keeping it simple for first time plant installations. Watering Instructions: Please water  by  open hose for one full growing season.  (This means removing the hose nozzle). Trees 10 gallons of water once per week, per tree. Shrubs 5 gallons of water once per week, per plant. Perennials should be thoroughly soaked. Please water twice a…

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