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Gardening and Plant Care

Deer Proof – Resistant Flowering Shrubs

How to Landscape your yard

Planting a wide variety of flowering shrubs will create a deer resistant garden. The object is to use plants that deer dislike due to texture, taste and smell. Sustainable deer proof / resistant landscapes utilize a diverse selection of flowering and evergreen shrubs.  The following are plants that are known to be deer proof in…

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Spruce and Pine Tree Privacy Screening

tree planting service

At Techmer Nursery we plant Spruce and Pine trees for privacy screening to help block unsightly views of your neighbors and roadways. The size of the trees planted will depend on the customer’s budget.  The minimum size that we plant is 5-6 ft. Spruce Trees.  We can source larger 8-10 feet trees too. We planted…

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Deer Proof – Resistant Grasses, Ferns, Succulents

Deer can be destructive pests in your landscape.  Planting a wide variety of plants can go along way to creating a deer resistant garden.  The object is to use plants that deer dislike due to texture, taste and smell.  Install a wide variety of these type of plants placing them in odd numbered groupings of…

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Deer Proof – Resistant Flowering Perennials

Controlling deer in the landscape can sometimes be an impossible task.  Fencing in your property or a section of it can work.  People also try using deer deterrent sprays like deer off and other super smelly elixirs.   Homemade concoctions made from cyan peppers, mothballs and other house hold items do work, but have to be constantly…

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