Carpet Roses – Rosa ‘Carefree Beauty’

Rosa 'Carefree Beauty’

Easy to care for low growing roses. Carpet rose works well in landscape beds to provide beautiful flowers throughout the summer.  The carpet rose pairs well with boxwood as a backdrop.  Trim back dead branches in early spring and it will encourage new growth and better flower production. <back to shrub library

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PJM – Rhododendron x PJM

Rhododendron x PJM

PJM is a very hardy variety of Rhododendron.  Growing well in New England and the upper Midwest Purple flowering PJMs are well suited for the Hudson Valley.  This plant works well in sun or part shade. <back to shrub library

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Pieris japonica ‘Mountain Fire’

Pieris japonica 'Mountain Fire’

Brightly colored fiery red and orange new growth emerges in spring followed by graceful racemes of white flowers.  Mountain Fire is sure to be focal point in your landscape.  This deer resistant shrub can handle shady locations. Be sure to provide adequate supplemental watering if you are planting near or under mature trees.  This goes…

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