A Local Garden Center and Tree Nursery

So what if we were to tell you...

That you could have plants that come back every season and produce beautiful flowers year after year.

What if there are plants that are truly deer resistant...

Wouldn't you rather to not have to spend money feeding the deer with your expensive plants year after year.

Locally Grown Trees

We can help you create a beautiful garden

Here at Techmer Nursery we've been growing the highest quality trees, perennial flowers and shrubs for our customers for 40 years! We are your local garden center and tree nursery. With great products and expert advice, we can help you and your family grow a beautiful landscape and home garden. We are located at 4 Alhusen Rd. Modena, NY 12548 - 5 miles south of New Paltz, NY.  You can also give us a call at 845-255-7430

In Season Nursery Store Hours

Open April 15, 2020

Open to the Public Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday 10:00 AM - 5:00 PM

All Other Days Please Call for an Appointment 845.255.7430

4 Alhusen Rd. Modena, NY 12548

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