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Posts by Herb Techmer

Russian Hawthorn – Crataegus ambigua

Russian Hawthorn - Crataegus ambigua

Small growing tree with twisting branches. Beautiful spring flowers with red berries developing later. Russian Hawthorn is the perfect patio tree or specimen tree for your landscape. Cretaegus is very hardy tolerating -30 temperatures and can handle dry – drought conditions during the hot summer months.  <Back to Tree Library

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How to Plant Evergreen Spruce Trees

Norway Spruce

Select the Proper Site Location When deciding to plant Norway Spruce you will need to select a good location for the trees.  Norway spruce eventually grow to 25-30ft. high with a wide spread so you should take this into consideration and plant these trees well away from your house or other outdoor structures.  Most all…

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Deer Proof – Resistant Flowering Shrubs

How to Landscape your yard

Planting a wide variety of flowering shrubs will create a deer resistant garden. The object is to use plants that deer dislike due to texture, taste and smell. Sustainable deer proof / resistant landscapes utilize a diverse selection of flowering and evergreen shrubs.  The following are plants that are known to be deer proof in…

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Reclaimed Antique Brick Patio

Techmer Nursery Builds Reclaimed Brick Patios

Here is a photo montage of antique reclaimed bricks that I used to build a terraced patio in my backyard.  This site location was challenging because the backyard had a steep slope right off of the back deck.  We had to build up the area several feet with crushed compacted layers of Item 4 gravel. …

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