Building with Blue Stone

Blue Stone Patios

Techmer Landscaping Services specializes in quality Hudson Valley Blue Stone patios, and walkways. Blue stone is both timeless and durable, a perfect choice for your home and garden.  Blue stone is a superior building material when compared to concrete products.  We install our blue stone using a free floating system that expands and contracts with the natural freeze thaw cycles found in northern climates.

Bluestone detail

Concrete simply cracks and forms large fissures over time due to the freeze / thaw effect. This results in a failed installation and even though you save on a cheaper up front installation cost on concrete, you will simply have to reinstall the walkway or patio in the near future.  Blue Stone is also resistant to winter salt applications and the color does not fade like concrete paver products. The local NY and PA blue stone are a type of feldspathic sandstone that was formed over a 345 million year period starting back during the middle to upper Devonian Period of the Paleozoic Era. This is why we feel you should invest in natural blue stone vs. concrete. Blue stone gives you both beauty and durability which is a wise long term investment.  Get a Free Estimate for your blue stone patio or walkway.