*Spot Light* Front Yard Landscaping Transformation

Back when I was still working in Columbus I had a client who moved into a new home.  When I met with him in 2007 he had explained to me that when he purchased the home he had the option to add on a custom estate landscape package.   A “reputable landscaping company” in the area did install the front yard landscaping and it did not meet the client’s expectations.  I found in life that there truly is a difference between spending money and investing money.  My client learned his lesson, moved on and hired my company to create a custom front yard landscape. We installed gracefully curving landscape beds with natural stone walls and lush landscaping including swaths of flowering perennials.

Below I have created a before and after gallery to highlight the differences between my work and other “reputable landscapers” that probably shouldn’t be in business, but sadly they are.  At Techmer Nursery our landscape design and installation company can create a custom landscape for your home helping you to invest in beautiful well designed landscaping.

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