Russian Hawthorn – Crataegus ambigua

Russian Hawthorn - Crataegus ambigua

Small growing tree with twisting branches. Beautiful spring flowers with red berries developing later. Russian Hawthorn is the perfect patio tree or specimen tree for your landscape. Cretaegus is very hardy tolerating -30 temperatures and can handle dry – drought conditions during the hot summer months.  <Back to Tree Library

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Swamp White Oak – Quercus bicolor

Swamp White Oak is a native tree to the Hudson Valley.  This oak can handle wet spring locations but the ground should be allowed to dry going into the summer. If you have a permanently wet location I recommend that you plant Bald Cypress or Weeping Willow instead.  Give this swamp white oak some room…

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Bloodgood Japanese Maple – Acer Palmatum ‘Bloodgood’

Acer Palmatum ‘Blood Good’

Bloodgood Japanese Maple is an excellent choice for a small growing specimen tree in your landscape.  Burgundy foliage emerges in spring and provide but color throughout the season.  In Autumn the leaves change to  blazing reds and oranges.  Bloodgood is also a good selection for one of the best deer resistant trees in the Hudson…

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Bald Cypress – Taxodium distichum

Taxodium distichum

Bald Cypress is one of the best trees for wet locations and it also grows very well in organic well drained soils too.  Bald Cypress is a tree that grows from the Hudson Valley all the way to the deep south Florida everglades.  This tree in its mature form develops these awesome knobby knees that…

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Red Oak Tree – Quercus rubra

Red Oak

Red Oak trees are a good tree for lining long driveways on estates.  This regal hardy tree has an excellent blazing red autumn color.  You can also plant two of these trees at the front entrance of your driveway to highlight the entry to your home.  Give these trees some room to grow and keep…

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