Crimson King Maple – Acer platanoides crimson king

Acer platanoides crimson king

Big beautiful trees that add color to your landscape.  Crimson King Maple have always been a good choice for estate plantings.  Give this tree some room to grow and enjoy its deep burgundy foliage throughout the growing season.  This maple also provides ample shade. <back to tree library

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Washington Hawthorn – Crataegus phaenopyrum

Crataegus phaenopyrum

Washington Hawthorn has brilliant colored berries in late Autumn as well as a vibrant fall leaf color.  This tree works well in tight spaces and maintains a compact form.  Use this tree along driveways or near your home.  This tree also has tiny white flowers in the spring.  Washington Hawthorn also looks good near blue…

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Weeping Willow – Salix alba ‘Tristis’

Salix alba 'Tristis’

Weeping Willow trees are some of the best trees for wet soil conditions.  Weeping Willow has graceful arching branches that cascade down and gently touch the water of a pond or creek. This tree does grow large so be sure to give it plenty of room.  The root system is strong so keep it away…

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Canadian Hemlock – Tsuga canadensis

Canadian Hemlock

Canadian Hemlock is a large growing evergreen that can be planted in sun or shaded conditions.  This native tree is found throughout the Hudson Valley.  The soft needles of the Hemlock have an attractive weeping habit.  You will need to protect this tree from deer grazing.  If you do have high deer populations, Norway Spruce…

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Ivory Silk Tree Lilac – Syringa retiqulata ‘Ivory silk’

Ivory Silk Tree Lilac

A Late Spring Flowering Tree well suited for the Hudson Valley.  Ivory Silk Tree Lilac produces large plumes of snow white flowers.  This tree is considered a smaller growing tree and will not grow large like Red Maples or Red Oaks.  You can plant tree a minimum of 10-15 ft. from you home. <back to…

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