Don’t forget to add shrubbery in your landscaping.

planting with shrubs

There is an overwhelming wealth of information found online when it comes to plants and landscaping.  You can spend countless hours researching different plants and their uses in the landscape.  My suggestion is to visit your local garden center and see which plants are available for purchase.  Many professionals like myself have decades of experience and University Degrees in the fields of Horticulture, Landscape Architecture, Agronomy, Agriculture etc. We can help you determine which plants will grow well in your region. 

The modern landscape regrettably over the last decade has shifted with preference toward using perennials and annuals in the landscape while ignoring the true value of shrubbery and small growing ornamental trees. 

Although perennials and annuals do have their place in a well balanced and layered landscape design, the foundation should be comprised of  a good mix of evergreen and flowering shrubs.

Weeping White Pine with goldmound spirea front yard landscaping

Creating Low Maintenance Landscaping with Shrubs is Easy. 

Combining different textures, leaf colors and sizes builds an excellent foundation for any landscape planting.  We grow a lot of different varieties of shrubs that require little care when properly placed and used.  Many of the varieties we offer grow no higher than 3 ft. are deer resistant and flower throughout the growing season.  We also have numerous varieties which can grow considerably larger.

So here is an example of creating a well balanced landscape.  We are basically layering plants and creating focal points in the landscape that direct your eye.  Small growing trees and shrubs are placed in the background while swaths of perennial color are placed in front.  The shrubs provide a backdrop and the small trees create visual anchor points.

Stop by our nursery for help because we can eliminate your endless hours of online research.  We can advise you on the best plants to use for your home and if you do need professional landscape design and installation, we can give you a free estimate for your landscaping project.

Lush Front Yard Landscaping installed by Techmer Nursery
2007 Front Stone wall and plantings Westerville, OHter - Lush Front Yard Landscaping with swaths of perennial color.