Planting Instructions

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7 things you should know when planting a tree. 

1. Call Before YTree Installationou Dig – Several days before planting, call the national 811 hotline to have underground utilities located.

2. Handle with Care – Always lift tree by the root ball. Keep roots moist until planting.  * Note – For balled and burlap trees and shrubs please see additional information below…

3. Digging a Proper Hole – Dig 2 to 5 times wider than the diameter of the root ball with sloping sides to allow for proper root growth.

4. Planting Depth – the trunk flare should sit slightly above ground level by one inch.  Also remove plastic container before planting.

5. Filling the Hole – Back fill with native soil 1/3 the way up the root ball. Then use our “Complete Plant Mix” available for purchase.  Mix a bag or two of complete plant mix, peat moss and native soil, then back fill the rest of the planting hole with the mixture. Tamp in soil gently to remove large air spaces.

6. Mulch – Allow 1 to 2 inch clearance between the trunk and the mulch.  Mulch should be 2 to 3 inches thick.

7. Water – Thoroughly soak roots and then follow the weekly watering instructions.

*** Special Information*** Planting Instructions for Balled and Burlap (B&B) Trees and Shrubs.
Large evergreen whit pines installed by Techmer Nursery located in New Paltz, NY

Planting  an 8 ft. tall white pine, each pine  weighs 300 lbs.

Regardless of what you may have read on other websites… I will explain to you how professional horticulturists handle and install B&B trees.

IMPORTANT – Please leave the wire cage on the root ball.  There is a pretty good chance if you remove the cage the soil will break away from the tree’s roots and effectively kill your tree.  My friend did this last year with two white pine (he will remain anonymous) .
Once you have the tree in the hole remove all roping and burlap wrapped around the trunk.  Cut away burlap on the top of the root ball, this helps prevent moisture from wicking (like an oil lamp) up the side of the root ball and drying out the roots.   As for the wire cage it will simply rust and rot away overtime.  Don’t under estimate the power of tree roots,  they will blow out the rusted wire and grow around it.  The power of  tree roots can tear up sidewalks, penetrate sewage lines and fracture home foundations. A little bit of wire in the way is nothing to be concerned about.  If you still  feel you have the need to cut wire, do it once the b&b tree is safely in the hole. You can still easily remove the top row of wire at that point.

If you need an estimate to install larger b&b trees don’t hesitate to give us a call or email at 845.255.7430