Watering Instructions

How to Water Plants
Keeping it simple for first time plant installations.
Watering Instructions

Use your thumb to direct water flow. This way you can stand in one location and water multiple plants.

Watering Instructions:
Please water  by  open hose for one full growing season.  (This means removing the hose nozzle).
Trees 10 gallons of water once per week, per tree.
Shrubs 5 gallons of water once per week, per plant.
Perennials should be thoroughly soaked.
Please water twice a week during periods of hot and dry weather

*Pro Tip: You can time the amount of water delivered by open hose by timing how long it will take to fill a five gallon bucket.

*Pro Tip: I use my thumb over the open hose to arc the water flow so i do not have to walk around and hunch over every single plant.  I just simply stand in one spot and direct the water flow to the plants around me.

Common Sense is a must! A 5 minute rain shower is not enough to water your newly installed plants due to a lack of a mature root system. If the ground is saturated from a day or more of heavy rain your plants may have enough water so be sure not to over water your plants.