Deer Proof – Resistant Flowering Perennials

Controlling deer in the landscape can sometimes be an impossible task.  Fencing in your property or a section of it can work.  People also try using deer deterrent sprays like deer off and other super smelly elixirs.   Homemade concoctions made from cyan peppers, mothballs and other house hold items do work, but have to be constantly reapplied after heavy rains.  We have to understand that no plant in your landscape is truly deer proof.  We can however design a landscape that is deer resistant.  You should limit the amount of plants in your landscape that attract deer to begin with.  The focus should be on plants that deer dislike due to flavor, texture, and smell.

There are some deer resistant flowering perennials and I have a few suggestions for you to try.  I would plant several different varieties in one location and see if the deer graze on the plants.  If your selections pass this test you can devote more time and resources to installing more plants throughout your garden.

A few suggestions for your garden.